After 30+ years of residing in the basement of Union Station in Denver, the PV&W was abruptly evicted during the Union Station  remodeling to make way for a more profitable enterprise.

These pages attempt capture some of the flavor of the once highly regarded model railroad and the art created by many members over the 3 decades of dedicated work that was bull- dozed in one day in 2012.
Open 4-7pm every Sat & Sun
Admission is always FREE!

The PV&W is now located in the Depot building behind the resturant at White Fence Farm in Lakewood CO.
Platte Valley & Western Railroad
PV&W in Union Station
Nostalgia - remembering the PV&W in Union Station
Unfortunatly not only was the layout destroyed, but little time was given to rescue & preserve any of it from the greedy capitalists. Many historical records are gone forever.
Route Map (photos)
Updated: 8/21/2017